Who We Are & What We Do

Ultra Adventures is founded by trail and ultra runners who love the sport and the environments in which we run. We have a deep background of running experience ourselves and have participated in a wide range of ultras. We hope to bring that experience to each of our events and are committed to doing the best job we can to make each event a memorable one for you. A big part of that desire to make these events special are the stunning and beautiful locations in which they take place. Our intention from the get-go was to make these events destination races, places you would love to see and experience even if there wasn’t a race taking place.

We want to strike a balance between rugged “old school” ultras without the parade and circus-like atmosphere yet also provide the special touches that will leave you with lasting fond memories that remain long after the pain of running them subsides. We look forward to seeing you at our next adventure and many more in the future.

Matt Gunn & Tim Long