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Aid Stations

Aid Station and approximate mileage

Cutoff time

4wd needed to access?

GPS coordinates

Thunder Mountain (10.3)

9:00am Friday


37°40’46.34″N 112°20’9.18″W

Proctor Canyon (19.5/80.1)

12:30pm Saturday


37°35’25.51″N 112°21’30.50″W

Blubber Creek (26/74)

10am Saturday




Kanab Creek (33.6/66.4)

7am Saturday




Straight Canyon (39/61)

4am Saturday


37°25’46.29″N 112°22’1.78″W

Pink Cliffs (45/55)





Crawford Pass (50)



37°26’31.50″N 112°17’53.52″W

King’s Creek (89)



37°36’38.55″N 112°15’51.81″W

Course Info

Click here to view the forest service road map of the area.  Scroll down to the second page of the map.  Copies of this map can be picked up at the Red Canyon visitor’s center (free).

Email if you’d like the latest KML files of the route.

The total elevation gain is around 19,000ft for the 100 miler and 10,000ft for the 50 miler.

There is a 36 hour cutoff for 100 milers. 16 hour cutoff for 50 milers.

Packet pickup will be from 5-9pm at Ruby’s Inn, at the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Directions to the Start/Finish line (Fremont ATV Trail)- NOTE: It’s a 1/2 mile walk from parking to starting line.  Please use shuttle service from Ruby’s Inn to the starting line: From Hwy 89/Hwy 12 junction- Driving east on Hwy 12, go all the way up Red Canyon until the road levels out in a steppe area at the top (just under 8 miles from US-89 junction). Watch for a gravel road GPS N 37° 43.169′ W 112° 15.322′ (on both the right and left sides of the road) about 1/2 mile after reaching the top of the hill. The road is labeled “Fremont ATV Trail.” Turn right (south) and drive 2.1 miles to the Coyote Hollow trailhead at GPS N 37° 42.156′ W 112° 16.758′.  Directions from Ruby’s Inn: Drive back to Hwy 12 (approx. 1 mile) and take a left (west).  Continue west on Hwy 12 for 6 miles to the Fremont ATV trail junction mentioned above.

6am start time for 100/50 milers.  7am start for 50k.

Drop bags are allowed at any aid station in addition to one available for runners at the finish line.

Course Walk-through

Thunder Mountain trailhead

Thunder Mountain trailhead

There is a two mile approach along a dirt road before reaching the Thunder Mounain trail singletrack.  The first 4 miles of the Thunder Mountain trail are up and down draws through the ponderosas.  You’ll then get your first real taste of the hoodoos, descending about 1,000ft over the next couple of miles.  After just over six miles, you’ll reach a junction with the Grandview trail.  Take a left and continue two miles to the first aid station, called Thunder Mountain aid.

About 5 miles into Thunder Mountain trail

About 5 miles into Thunder Mountain trail.

The miles between Thunder Mountain and Proctor Canyon aid stations are some of the easiest miles of the course and are at lower elevation.  The picture below was taken along this stretch of trail.


After Proctor Canyon Aid station, you’ll have the biggest gap between aid stations, at nearly ten miles.   You’ll climb 1,000ft for the first 3 miles, only to descend about 900ft the following two miles to Camp Eli junction.  Turn left at Camp Eli and you’ll then make that elevation back up over the next two miles ascending a tight, steep canyon.  The trail stays in the Bristlecone pines for the most part with an occasional patch of aspens like this one as you’re exiting the canyon.


The trail then opens up with some sage and oak brush mixed in for a mile or so and then it runs below this nice set of hoodoos before it climbs up the last 500ft to the top of the plateau and the Blubber Creek aid station.



Your crew will be just fine waiting for you with this view from the aid station.

From Blubber Creek you’ll be on singletrack along the edge of the rim with views like this for a couple of miles:

The trail switches back and forth between double and singletrack, staying near the edge of the rim of the plateau.  Here’s a video link:



Kanab Creek aid station.


After the aid station you’ll have another mile and a half of semi-singletrack with occasional jaw dropping views before taking a left at the Robinson Canyon junction, following this doubletrack through the trees to the Straight Canyon station.

From the Straight Canyon aid station, you’ll head down valley to the Mill Creek trailhead.  You’ll take this singletrack section for over a mile and then you’ll turn left on an ATV trail.  A scenic climb along this ridge will take you to the highest point and some of the most spectacular views of the course, Pink Cliffs at 9,400ft:


The Pink cliffs overlook the Paria river drainage and other parts of the Grand Staircase National Monument to the southeast and Zion National Park to the southwest.



From Pink Cliffs aid station you’ll descend 1,000ft over the next 5 miles, 2.7 miles on doubletrack and 2.3 miles on the Crawford Pass trail which is perhaps the most scenic singletrack section of the course and ends at the turnaround point for 100 milers and the finish line for 50 milers.