Bryce Canyon Ultras – June 14-15, 2014

We want to hear your suggestions on how we can make the Bryce 100 a better experience for you.  Post questions via our contact page or send emails to info@ultra-adventures.com  You can also get in touch via our Facebook page. The FB page has the most up to date photos and happenings related to the race.

Where does the race start?At the Fremont ATV trail parking area (Thunder Mountain/Coyote Hollow trailhead access.)  Shuttles for the 100 and 50 milers will leave from Ruby’s Inn to the starting line at 5am on race morning. 50k shuttles will leave at 6am.

Where does the race finish? At the same location as the starting line for the 100 milers. 50 mile finish is at the Crawford Pass aid station. 50k finish will be at the King’s Creek group campsite. Shuttles will depart from each finish line every half hour. Crew is allowed at each finish line, but must strictly adhere to parking instructions.

What time does my race start?  100 and 50 milers start at 6:00am on Saturday, June 14, 2014.  50k starts at 7:00am on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

How are the races timed? All distances are professionally timed with live tracking and immediate results.

When is the pre race check in?  Friday evening from 5-8pm.  Please bring drop bags with you at this time.

Where is the pre race check in?  At Ruby’s Inn, located at the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Is there a pre-race meeting?  No.  All updates and information will be given at pre-race check in.

How often are the aid stations?  Between 5-10 miles.

When will drop bags will be accessible? You can leave drop bags for any aid station that you’d like plus one for the finish line.

What is the total elevation gain?  About 19,000ft. for the 100 miler, 10,000ft for the 50 mile, and 6,000ft for the 50k.

Do I need to purchase a pass to get into the national park?  No.  The race is run outside the park boundaries, so no pass is required.

What will be available at the aid stations?  Aid stations will be stocked with: water, ice, Heed, Gatorade, Coke, ginger ale, gel packs, fruit, boiled potatoes, broth(vegan), ramen noodles (chicken flavor), tortillas or bread w/ Nutella, PB&H, dill pickles, potato chips, turkey sandwiches, Ensure (or similar drink), various sweets and snacks, coffee, hot chocolate, granola bars, fig newtons, anti chafing agent, sunscreen, first aid supplies.  We will have some salt and electrolyte caps, but not enough to supply all runners if they rely on us as their only source.  If you run out or need a few, they’re there for your use, but please plan to supply your own.  Same with gels.  We will supply an average of one gel per runner per aid station, but that’s obviously not enough to cover every runner if they are fueling only with gels and relying on our supply.

In addition to the standard fare, aid stations will have some warm food items such as bean/rice/cheese burritos, quesadillas, grilled cheese, and pancakes.

The pre and post race meals are each a fresh, organic, wood-fired pizza made to order.  You’ll be given two vouchers at packet pickup to be redeemed by yourself or your crew as you see fit.

If you have a favorite item that you can’t live without at the aid stations, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I have a pacer?  Pacers are only allowed at Straight Canyon Aid Station for the 50 milers, and at Crawford Pass (turnaround) or Straight Canyon #2 (mile 62) for the 100 milers.  Pacers can catch a ride on a shuttle bus coming from Ruby’s Inn to Crawford Pass every half hour. No shuttle provided to Straight Canyon. No pacers allowed on the 50k. We are unable to provide a shuttle service for pacers to be removed from the course that do not make it to the finish line.

Where can friends/family (crew) access the course to provide support?  Only at Straight Canyon and Crawford Pass (50 mile finish) aid stations.  No crew access is available on the 50k course, but they can meet you at the finish line.   

What percentage of the course is run on single track trail/dirt roads/paved roads? About 80% singletrack and 20% ATV trail.  All ATV trails are remote and runners will encounter very little if any motorized traffic other than race support vehicles.  Some of the singletrack is reclaimed illegal ATV trails that are now designated non motorized but are still wider than your usual singletrack.  Other sections of the Grandview trail are barely a trail at all because it sees so little use.

Where are the nearest/best accommodations?  The famous Ruby’s Inn will be our sponsoring hotel.  Discounted rates are available for anyone running or supporting runners in the Bryce 100.

Updated hotel reservation codes for 2014 are:

Bryce View Lodge ($79)- 63G
Ruby’s Inn ($109) – 62G
Bryce Canyon Grand ($135) – 31G

All 3 properties are owned by the same company and are next to each other. Most of the blocked rooms are at Ruby’s Inn, so the other two will likely fill up fast. If you call in to reserve, the block is under the “Bryce 50″ (because when we reserved the rooms we didn’t think the 100 would be back on in 2014). They prefer we utilize their on-line booking system. First go to the website: www.bryceres.com/rubys. Put in the dates for the block of rooms that has been set up. In the field that says “Special Rates” choose Group/Block and in the blank put the code 62G.

Also, remember that camping is also available at Ruby’s Inn.  Campground includes showers and a pool/hot tub.  Call this number to reserve-  1-866-878-9373

Ruby’s Inn has a large camping area right next to the finish line.

King’s Creek campground will be the finish line for the 50k and sites are available on a first come-first served basis.

The scenic Red Canyon campground is located about 5 minutes from the starting line.  It is has showers and is $15/night.

In addition to these camping options, almost every canyon on the plateau south of the reservoir has wooded meadows with a creek running through it and some gorgeous free camping sites. (Please make every effort to leave no trace so that it will not affect our ability to get the race permitted in future years.)

We’ll have one of these hot water showers with enclosures set up at the finish line for any racers/campers that would like to use them.  We’ll also have one set up near the start/finish line.

I’ve known the owners of the Red Brick Inn in the nearby town of Panguitch for years and recommend them wholeheartedly.  Having Peggy as a hostess is the next best thing to having your mom or grandma take care of you after your run.

Where is the nearest airport?  The nearest airport is St. George, Utah and the drive is just over 2 hours. There is also the option to fly into Las Vegas, Nevada or  Salt Lake City, UT.  Either one is about a 4 hour drive.  The most scenic option would be to fly into Vegas and drive on Hwy 9 through Zion National Park to Mt. Caramel Junction and then take Hwy 89 north to Bryce.  The next best option is to take Hwy 14 from Cedar City up Cedar canyon and over Cedar mountain.  Your GPS won’t send you on either of these routes but they take about the same amount of time to drive and are much more scenic than Hwy 20.

Who gets belt buckles? What do they look like?  Only finishers of the 100 mile race.

50 mile and 50k finishers will receive a beautiful medallion of a unique design.

What are the average temperature highs and lows?  Highs will likely be in the mid 70′s.  Lows will likely be in the upper 30′s during the night, so plan accordingly.

What are the cutoff times?  100 mile= 36 hrs, 16 hours for the 50 mile, and 9 hours for the 50k.

Am I required to prove that I’ve completed a race of another distance in order to qualify to register?  Nope.  Just need to be at least 18 years old (or have a legal guardian sign for you) and crazy enough to try.

What will be used to mark the trails? High visibility flagging (reflective bird scare tape), flour, LED lights, and signs to mark junctions.

What do the shirts look like?  We’ll have our logo on a grey background for the design year after year, but offer a variety of shwag for you choose from.  Upon registering, you will choose one of the following: a T-shirt, tech-T, technical longsleeve shirt, hoodie, running cap, beanie, or armsleeves.  All of these items will be available for purchase at the race as well or you can pre-order via ultrasignup by following this link:

Is there cell phone reception on the course? About half of the course gets cell reception.

Can I get a refund if I’m not able to run? The amount refunded will be determined by how much advanced notice you give us as many costs involved with the race are incurred early.  By 60 days before race-Roll over to next year.  By 30 days before race-50% refund.  Within 30 days-no refund.  You may also transfer your entry to another person with a $30 transfer fee.  One chance of getting the full amount of your money back is if the race is sold out and there are people on the waiting list, we’ll put you in touch with the next person and you can make arrangements for them to pay you directly (and pay us the $30 transfer fee).  Once this transaction has taken place, you’ll let us know and we’ll delete you from the racer’s list and add the new person’s info.  This saves us time and hassle in mailing out checks and ensures that we have a paying participant to take your place.  Many runners sign up for the waiting list, but when it comes down to it, only about half of them seem to be serious about running the race when they are contacted about a vacancy.

Are there age group prizes?  No, overall winners only.  (1st-3rd, M/F- for each distance.)  Age group places will be posted on your ultrasignup.com profile.

  • melinda coen

    Registered for the 100, but wasn’t given shwag options for either myself or my husband when we registered. Did I miss something? Thanks!