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Grand Canyon Ultras

Course Description: 

The course starts and finishes in the large Dry Park meadow area with plenty of space for camping.  50 and 100 mile runners will start off following the meadow south along a mixed single/doubletrack trail for 4.5 miles to the Dry Park Lakes aid station (crew accessible.)  You’ll then follow forest roads west for 8 miles until you get your first peek out into the Grand Canyon at Timp Point.  From here you will hop on the famous Rainbow Rim trail for 18 miles of smooth running with some of the most spectacular views on the planet.  You will pass through 5 lookout points along this trail, and 3 of them will have aid stations waiting for you (2 are crew accessible.)  After this beautiful section is over, you’ll make your way over to the lookout that offers perhaps the most stunning views of the course- Crrazy Jug Point.  There will be an aid station here (crew accessible) as well.  From here, you’ll now head east back towards the finish line through Ponderosa and Aspen forests along some doubletrack that is remote, excellent for running, and offers plenty of shade.  You’ll complete the 50 mile loop back at the meadows with approximately 5,200ft of elevation gain under your belt.  100 milers will run a second lap on this course.

The 50k runners will toe the starting line at 6am in the meadow as well, but will take off running in the opposite direction of the loop.  After 12 miles of smooth running through the Ponderosas and Aspens, you’ll get your first view of the canyon at Crazy Jug Point. You’ll pick your jaw off of the ground and head out to the nearby Monument Point, which will blow you away even more.  This will be the turnaround point of the course as well.  (The 50k is an out-and-back course.)

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