Monument Valley

Saturday, March 15th, 2014 – Monument Valley 50mi and 50k


Situated within the Navajo Nation, Monument Valley took millions of years to form and that time was well spent! The amazing formations reaching 1,000 feet into the sky draw your gaze in wonderment. Vibrant colors and dramatic shadows cast along the valley floor will give you a sense of becoming “in tune” with nature, experiencing the same inclusion with the natural world that the Native Americans have practiced for generations. Running becomes less of an activity and more of an intrinsic way in which to absorb the landscape.

Join us at Ultra Adventures to share the experience in this beautiful setting as we wander and wind our way around the majestic towers and entwine Navajo culture into our event, which will leave you with a new understanding and respect for the natural environment and appreciation for the Navajo lifestyle.

  • Antigua Farms

    is there a course map/description up yet for the 50K? Thank you.

  • Christine Cragg Anderson

    Just registered and it may show the wrong email should not be Blair Anderson

  • Jeff Gipe

    Attempted to run up Mitchell Mesa today, but ran out of trail. May have gone wrong somewhere. Very rocky will need to use extreme caution.